Article 1
The name of the organization is “Licensing Executives Society China” and may be referred to herein as “LES China”.

Article 2
LES China is a non-profit professional organization composed of individuals, and is a Member Society within the Licensing Executives Society International (“LESI”).

Article 3
The purposes of LES China are:
(1) to actively promote licensing thereby advancing the technical progress and economic development;
(2) to improve by efforts the professional ethics and professional quality of persons who are involved in licensing;
(3) to encourage exchanges and cooperation between LES Members who are coming from various countries and regions.

Article 4
Works of LES China include:
(1) assisting Members to enhance their working abilities in licensing through self-studying, case studying, educational meetings, publication of articles and other materials, and exchange of opinions;
(2) holding activities concerning licensing such as report meetings, seminars, international conferences, and exhibitions, etc, or assisting others to accomplish such activities;
(3) publishing journals and materials about licensing;
(4) taking part in LESI activities, and communicating and cooperating with other LESI Member Societies.

Article 5
If a professional in licensing or in technology and intellectual property transfer by other forms, or an individual who is interested in the research of licensing submits a membership application, he/she will be admitted to LES China under the approval of the Board of Trustees of LES China.

Article 6
The supreme authority of LES China comes from the Members Congress. The Members Congress holds a meeting every year and a temporary meeting may take place if necessary.

Article 7
The Members Congress has the power to:
(1) stipulate and amend LES China Bylaws and Regulations in accordance with the Bylaws and Regulations of LESI;
(2) formulate LES China Rules of Conduct for Members;
(3) elect the Board of Trustees;
(4) review the Board of Trustees’ work report.

Article 8
The executive body of LES China is the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees holds a meeting every half year and a temporary meeting may take place if necessary.

Article 9
The Board of Trustees consists of one President, several Vice-Presidents, several Trustees, one Secretary, and several Vice-Secretaries, and each of them has a two-year term with no term limits.

Article 10
The Board of trustees is authorized to:
(1) admit a new Member;
(2) appoint a Vice-Secretary and the staff of the Secretariat;
(3) designate delegates to the Board of Delegates of LESI in accordance with Section 1, Article 3 of the Bylaws of LESI;
(4) formulate and implement a work plan or an activity plan of LES China;
(5) set up various committees as needed;
(6) cancel the membership of a Member for violations of LES China Rules of Conduct for Members.

Article 11
The President is in charge of the work of LES China in all aspects, and is responsible for presiding the meetings of the Members Congress and of the Board of Trustees as well as international meetings in the name of LES China in which licensing issues are discussed. The Vice-President will take the responsibility of the President if the President is absent.

Article 12
The Secretariat is responsible for affairs involved with secretary, administration, and finance, etc under the direction of the President and of the Board of Trustees.

Article 13
LES China is constructed inside the Beijing China Council for the Promotion of International Trade.